We help clients leverage data and application performance to meet organizational demands. Every solution is tailored to help our clients achieve specific results or address specific challenges unique to their organization. Taking our decades of experience, we apply modern technologies and proven methodologies with a maniacal focus on delivering positive measurable impacts for our clients. Below is a list of some of the solutions we specialize in delivering, and you can see how we’ve applied these solutions reading our client stories.

Ingest Legacy Data to Tell a Story (Data Lake)

Business Area: AI & Data

Do you have documents with a common structure, but sit isolated in a document library or file share? By ingesting and combining this data, could you leverage it to tell a story about your business and drive new opportunities or decision making?

With Azure AI Machine Learning and Power Platform, we can ingest all of those documents in to a structure format and then either make further decisions with AI or produce visual outcomes in table or Power BI format. Historical data will often inform you on how to serve your customers or business better - capture it with AI.

Automate Decision Making

Process Automation
Business Area: AI Process

Decision making is often a human interpretation of data. Move decision making to AI, but with confidence that drives your involvement when the system is unsure of the data. Power Platform and Azure AI allows you to ingest data, compare that data to various outcomes, and make decisions in an app experience - only involving your time when the ingested data is far from the expected outcomes AI is seeking.

Targeted Answers and Action

Business Area: Generative AI

Build a chatbot that talks to you in natural language, which can provide you with answers to questions on various documents or database sources and even action next steps with these data sources. Copilot Studio and/ or Azure AI Studio allow you to build custom targeted Copilots that you can deliver through various channels like websites, custom applications, and even Teams. There are many Copilots, do you know the difference between them?

All the Copilots chart

Moving Off High Cost SaaS Solutions

Business Area: Targeted Solutions

SaaS platforms are great. They don't require you to deploy complex infrastructure or extensive SOPs to support them. However, SaaS platforms are not as customizable, which means you might be caught up in features or unnecessary bloat. This often adds to the pricing you are paying per user.

Leverage Power Platform and build a pointed solution that delivers the right value your business requires. With Power Platform, you have a low barrier of entry when it comes to per app costs, with a maximum per user costs - allowing you to deploy a greater amount of apps at the same licensing costs. This ensures you can predict your costs, while continue to grow and serve the business. 

Moving Off Unsupported Apps

Business Area: Legacy

As organization continue to grow, they carry baggage of old and outdated applications. These apps often no longer deliver the right or complete value they once were able to. In addition, these apps are no longer supported by the originating developer or even former internal staff.

Re-assess these applications and build a more targeted longer-term solution with Power Platform. Power Apps are a lower cost of entry and don't include multiple or complex outdated programming languages.

By updating your outdated app, you are building for the value you need today and enhancing as your organization grows with this application. In addition, you are not constrained to a black box solution, but a flexible open platform that can be easily adopted by new incoming developers.

Automating Onboarding from Offer to Day 1

Business Area: HR

An candidate's first experience with an organization is often what sets the tone for their experience with an organization. Eliminate manual tasks, so you can focus on setting the right first impression with your candidate to their first day at your organization.

Common processes that can be automated include:

  • Hiring Manager offer letter
  • HR Reach out
  • Background checks and results
  • Drug screening and results
  • Active Directory and Application Provisioning
  • Device procurement and provisioning
  • Day 1 date setting
  • Day 1 welcome
  • Day 1 app, including day 1 tasks like I9, Benefits enrollment, etc.
  • Post Day 1 Surveys and Follow-ups

Through a combination of Power Apps and Automate, and your connected 3rd party apps, you can deliver both an internal and external experience that's automated, tasked, and tracked. Giving visibility to HR and the hiring manager, for a smooth employee start. A day 1 employee Power App also ensure the employee knows what they need to complete at start and who their team is, along with available resources. 

Reconciling Expenses and Spend

Business Area: Finance

Expense and credit systems are often not connected to each other or even your internal finance system. So how do you reconcile the finances to ensure you don't have anomaly or exception spending?

Leverage Power Apps and Automate to connect these systems, automatically reconcile spend, request exception handling, and finally deliver the results to your finance system.

This will cut down on time spend on unnecessary reconciliation and focus your time on the exceptions.

Story Telling with a Data Warehouse

Business Area: Finance

Do you export data from your financial system to Excel, to tell a story? Do you rely on your financial data for budgets and forecasting? How about business unit financial performance? Using your financial system, which is a transactional system, as your data mart, will only prevent or cost you more time from proper story telling. In some cases, it can have an impact on your transactional system.

A proper data & analytics system, like a Data Lake or Warehouse, will enable you to bring multiple sources of data together to tell a story. In fact, this data will allow you to create standard business Power BI reports for the purposes of budgeting, financial performance, and even forecasting. In addition, this common data source can then be used to feed other applications or processes.

Microsoft Fabric and Power BI will allow you to bring your data together to drive optimal business performance.

Streamlining Sales to Invoice

Business Area: Finance

How many details do you keep within your CRM platform about an opportunity? What about the contract, is that sync'ed back with CRM? How about when this data gets to your finance system, is it the same as what you closed in CRM or the contract?

Streamline the sales process by connecting your CRM, Contracts/ Proposals, and your finance systems. Contracts or proposals most often have a common set of billing instructions. Enforcing contract/ proposal templates allows your CRM and Finance system to stay aligned. At a minimum, your CRM customer and opportunities should be connected to your Finance system.

Leverage Power Platform to digitize the contract/ proposal process and connect your systems, so that you have a common truth between customer data. This insures you can achieve customer consistency, financial, and reporting accuracy.

Offline Work Orders

Process Automation
Business Area: Field

Field workers often find themselves in areas in which Wi-Fi or Cellular access is not available.

By digitizing your work orders, audits, or field data capturing with Power Platform, you can enable a phone or tablet experience that can be taken offline. This is critical, as field workers can't be fumbling to get connectivity for half their visit. Eating away a crucial time for other projects or customers.

Power Platform lets you take the work order experience offline and then sync back up, when in range of connectivity - automatically progressing the process to its next stage.

Accelerator Workshops

While every solution is designed to meet unique challenges, some solutions and/or elements of solutions are reusable to help reduce the costs of the solution. Working with Rockhop means bringing a wealth of experience and solution development that can increase probability of success, reduce implementation time and save money. It's one way in which we ensure our work has a meaningful and measurable impact. Here are examples of some common solutions. 

Power Platform Co-op

Rockhop will work with your organization to structure a Power Platform Co-op and applications support service that meets ongoing application needs.
Power Platform Co-op >>

Power Platform ROI

A half day workshop to educate your team on the features of Power Platform, map them to the desired future state and define the ROI of solving these challenges.
Power Platform ROI
Workshop >>

BI Cloud Accelerator

Our BI Cloud Migration approach drives alignment on future vision and architecture, identifies data needs, assesses current capabilities, and will help choose a modern data warehouse platform.
BI Cloud Accelerator >>

InfoPath Modernization

Our approach expedites modernization, address high priory needs, identify opportunities to improve/create value, and avoid end-of-life tech security gaps.
InfoPath Modernization >>

Invoice Management

Rockhop's invoice management process automation approach can provide significant return with little effort. Automation of this process can achieve a measurable impact quickly.
Invoice Management >>

HR Automation

Rockhop's comprehensive approach to streamlining employee on-boarding provides automation inclusive of systems interconnectivity, task hand-offs, and approvals.
HR Automation >>
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