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Rockhop is a technology consulting firm that specializes in AI, analytics and application modernization. It is at this  intersection of applications and data where we are able to help clients automate processes, drive operational efficiencies and gain a competitive advantage. Helping our clients succeed in achieving a positive measurable impact to their organizations is our mission. 
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The Rockhop Mission

What makes Rockhop special? Customer success.

As leading experts in AI and application modernization, we most often begin with detailed analysis of our customers’ application(s) and data stores to uncover key insights. These insights offer important visibility into organizational processes and application effectiveness. With this understanding, we help our customers achieve measurable business impact through application reconciliation and performance improvement, exposing and connecting data, rapid application development, application governance and ongoing performance management.

When you engage with Rockhop, you can be certain that we will only work with you if we’re both confident that together we will open opportunities or reduce operational costs within your organization. If we cannot clearly see the measurable business impact in our early discussions around any project, we will not engage. We only engage where we are confident your organization will realize a strong return on the investment.

Put simply, we believe in earning your trust. 

Our services, people, pricing and delivery model are all reflective of this mission.

Rockhop Leadership

Rockhop was the vision of four industry veterans who came together to build something better. Beyond their decades of experience, our founders apply an aspirational vision with clear focus. They believe in empowering and engaging over commanding and controlling. They believe that a commitment to measurable customer impact and foundational company values is core to success. They believe that we wouldn’t need one another if we were all the same, diversity and debate make us stronger.
Headshot of Todd Golden, Rockhop CEO and Founder

Todd Golden

CEO and Founder
Todd has been leading top-tier consulting and business development teams globally for over 25 years. His focus has always been at the intersection of technology and business, having spent the majority of his career helping customers realize the highest possible return from their software investments.
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Headshot - Paige Midness Rockhop Customer Experience Officer and Founder

Paige Midness

Experience Officer and Founder
Paige has 20+ years of experience in professional services, focusing on Microsoft technologies. She started her career traveling the world with Arthur Anderson Business Consulting and has since built and led high performing teams for various organizations focused on customer experience and solution selling. Paige is passionate about working with clients to solve complex business problems and building environments that foster trust and transparency resulting in long-term partnerships.
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Headshot - David Greve Rockhop CTO and Founder

David Greve

CTO and Founder
David is a two-year Microsoft MVP in Office 365 and a published author of two Office 365 Exchange migration books. He is a leading Power Platform expert with a unique combination of over 23 years of consulting and product management experience in the IT industry. From building a professional services business to building products, David has experience partnering with customers to drive solutions that have an immediate business impact.
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Mike Gersten Rockhop CMO and Founder

Mike Gersten

Marketing, Strategy, and Founder
Mike began his career in Chicago as a network consultant. Shortly thereafter, he co-founded his first business, Intrinsic Technologies. In 2004, Mike co-founded his second venture, PointBridge Solutions, which was acquired by Perficient Inc. in 2012.
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Headshot - Gaurav Issar Rockhop Data & Analytics Partner

Gaurav Issar

Data & Analytics Partner
Gaurav has been leading technology services teams for more than 30 years focused primarily on enterprise data management, business intelligence, software development and corporate strategy.
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Humble Expertise

At Rockhop we believe that humble expertise is the key to success. Culturally, we nurture a maniacal commitment to measurable results. We work with clients on the front-end to determine expected value, never guessing. Our objective is to ensure our work has a meaningful and measurable impact.

Applying our decades of experience combined with a commitment to continuous learnings, we specialize in complex application portfolios and the most demanding application and data performance scenarios.

Modern Applications

At Rockhop we specialize in enabling organizations through modern applications designed and built to drive strategy.  From citizen developer programs for low code/no code solutions to full-scale AI-enabled enterprise applications, Rockhop guides customers towards the highest possible return on their investments in business applications.
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Data & Analytics

Rockhop Data & Analytics experts specializes in providing solutions to help organizations make accurate and timely decisions based on insights from data. We review data architecture and key performance indicators in the context of business strategy and goals, and provide solutions to help glean actionable insights. We have experience conducting strategic workshops, gathering the right requirements, adoption of data governance, and implementation of data warehouses and data lakes. We design the processes to pull in on-premises and cloud data to meet descriptive or predictive analytical needs. Our team develops and deploys data integration services to bring this data into data stores using Explore Power BI built-in integrations with Power Automate and Power Pages.
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Process Automation

Rockhop provides business process and workflow automation services that help businesses streamline their processes, reduce costs, and get to market faster with fewer errors. Automation comes in many forms, from basic BPA to full end-to-end automation of major business functions, and the application should match the business need. Rockhop has the experience, business acumen, and technical depth to provide meaningful solutions that have high business impact. Our team can help with simple workflows, complex systems integrations, and automate legacy tasks. We help you leverage AI and Power Platform to simplify governance, employee onboarding, invoice management, and help you uncover opportunities for efficiency within your business.
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Microsoft Solutions Partner

We bring qualified expertise and deep experience to help you maximize ROI from Microsoft products. Our engagements focus on helping you achieve real measurable value.

From discovery and design to adoption and improvement — Rockhop will tailor business transformation solutions to meet your needs and help you accelerate innovation at the speed of AI.
Microsoft Solutions Partner Digital & App Innovation Azure Specialist - Low Code Application Development, Intelligent Automation
Microsoft Solutions Partner badge for Business Applications - Specialist Low Code Application Development, Intelligent Automation
Microsoft Solutions Partner badge - Data & AI Azure
Rockhop is a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Data & AI, Business Applications and Digital & Application Innovation. We have also earned specialist designations in Low Code Application Development and Intelligent Automation.

Values Based Solutions

Our foundational values are core to the solutions we provide.

  • Measurable Results
  • Uncompromising Transparency
  • Excellence Without Arrogance
  • A Place We Like

It's how we ensure our work has a meaningful and measurable impact

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Microsoft Power Platform logo

Power Platform Co-op

Rockhop will work with your organization to structure a Power Platform Co-op and applications support service that meets ongoing application needs.
Microsoft Power Platform logo

Power Platform ROI

A half day workshop to educate your team on the features of Power Platform, map them to the desired future state and define the ROI of solving these challenges.
Microsoft Fabric Logo

BI Cloud Accelerator

Our BI Cloud Migration approach drives alignment on future vision and architecture, identifies data needs, assesses current capabilities, and will help choose a modern data warehouse platform.
Microsoft Power Apps logo

InfoPath Modernization

Our approach expedites modernization, address high priory needs, identify opportunities to improve/create value, and avoid end-of-life tech security gaps.
Microsoft Power Automate

Invoice Management

Rockhop's invoice management process automation approach can provide significant return with little effort. Automation of this process can achieve a measurable impact quickly.
Microsoft Power Automate

HR Automation

Rockhop's comprehensive approach to streamlining employee on-boarding provides automation inclusive of systems interconnectivity, task hand-offs, and approvals.

Work With Us

Our vision is to make the years with Rockhop the best years of your professional life.

Rockhop is purpose-built to positively impact the lives of our customers, partners and colleagues. It was the vision of four industry veterans who came together to build something better. Beyond their decades of experience, our founders apply vision with focus.

They believe:

  • In empowering and engaging over command and control.
  • That a commitment to measurable customer impact and foundational values is core to fulfillment and success.
  • That we wouldn’t need one another if we were all the same; diversity and debate make us stronger.
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