InfoPath Modernization Accelerator Workshop


Microsoft has set InfoPath end of life 2023
Many companies have pushed InfoPath beyond inherent capabilities, creating a complex and technical migration process
The migration process presents an opportunity for solutions improvements, but requires additional time from IT to complete the development or support the business stakeholders

How Rockhop can help

Rockhop with work with your team to inventory existing forms in your environment, their complexity, gaps, value to your business and priority. Additionally, we will create personas definitions for internal and external users to ensure we are crafting the optimal end user experience.

With this information the Rockhop team will align the existing solutions to the ideal toolset. Based on your priorities we will create a roadmap with associated costs to modernize your InfoPath solutions.

What to expect:

A lot of listening! We want to hear from the end users benefiting the most from these solutions. Rockhop will conduct the following activities:
  • Alignment session to review business objectives, current environment and key stakeholders
  • Inventory the InfoPath solutions manually or using scripts
  • Create internal and external user persona definitions
  • Conduct stakeholder interviews for existing solutions to understand functionality, criticality and opportunity for improvement
  • Deliver a roadmap for re-platforming including timelines and costs

What to Expect:

1-2 days of workshops for alignment, stakeholder interviews and discovery
Two weeks total for analysis and roadmap creation


Expedite modernization with a clear plan to address the highest priorities needs
Identify opportunities to improve and create business value
Avoid security gaps with end-of-life technologies

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Our Approach

The Rockhop approach infographic

Key Metrics:


We have 30+ years of experience working together in Microsoft professional services where we were first to the cloud.


Our deep and wide global network within Microsoft and across the industry allow us to lean on our partners and most skilled experts to deliver innovation and impactful solutions.


We are excited about power Platform because of its truly transformative capabilities, and we measure it. We want to help you achieve results and use this as the compass for everything we do.


We like working together and it’s core to our culture! We root for each other and for you. You will see proof in quality of our delivery and our lasting relationships.
You have a vision.
Our experts will help you acheive it.
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