Modern Applications

At Rockhop we specialize in enabling organizations through modern applications designed and built to deliver measurable business value. What makes Rockhop’s Modern Applications practice unique is that our focus is on enablement. From citizen developer programs unleashing the potential of low code/no code development to full-scale agile development projects re-platforming complex, enterprise applications, Rockhop guides customers towards the highest return on investments in applications.

We have experience with governance and devops, custom development, AI and process improvement. We specialize in technologies from Microsoft including Power Apps, Copilot and Power Pages with a deep commitment to devops best practices to protect and enable organizations.

Growth in app modernizations services by 2027


Custom applications to be modernized within the next year


Enterprises not currently modernizing applications


Enhancing Customer Experience (CX) to differentiate;
Reducing capital expenses by moving to cloud
AI and Machine Learning capabilities driving modernization 
Compliance with industry and government regulations
Maintaining a competitive advantage
Eliminating redundancy and reducing costs
Retiring legacy applications
Reimagining business applications

Custom Development

When off the shelf solutions either don't meet the needs of the business or simply aren't cost-effective, a custom solution can be the right path to success. We specialize in helping complex organizations evaluate and decide on the right solution path, and if custom development we have the proven talent to work with customers' teams to design and build solutions that exceed expectations. Our teams are well versed in development best practices as well as integration, performance, scalability and support.

Low Code/No Code

The most effective solution is often the simplest one. If a high impact solution can be built easily, we believe in taking advantage of the opportunity for the highest possible return. Low code or no code platforms, such as Microsoft's Power Platform, provide organizations the ability to leverage talent both within and outside of IT, where resources are closest to the business challenge to address. Helping our customers envision and create "citizen developer" programs that enable and govern the process increases the probability of success for every application built.


DevOps is far more than the tools used to promote code. With the right approach, organizations can build applications that meet the demands of the business faster. This leads to higher quality, more flexbility, and improved culture. By focusing on engineering and automation, both development and support teams can optimize value and speed while enabling ease of support.
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Join Rockhop experts as they provide insights, demonstrations, and use case scenarios.
  • Power Platform Employee Onboarding Use Case

    Join Venice as she walks through a framework for automating common employee onboarding tasks across departments.

    Power Platform Invoice Management Use Case

    Michael explores a typical use case for Power Platform in which a business unit could solve a problem they deal with daily. We will continue to explore other use cases for an empowered business in a low-code model with governing guardrails for security and availability.

    Power Platform Simplifying Governance Use Case

    Dave takes us through an overview of the process, tools and structure a low-code enabled organization should consider for governance. This presentation discusses opportunities to enable the business in a collaborative and effective way.
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