Data and Analytics

Data is a strategic asset for high-performance organizations, particularly with advances in Generative AI. All too often, the volume of data is high while confidence in the insights gleaned is limited.

We specialize in understanding our clients’ data-related challenges in the context of organizational strategy. This often means reviewing data architecture, key performance indicators, and AI opportunities. We believe that actionable insights from data solutions should provide organizations with a measurable positive impact, and we have experience delivering on that.

Data created in 2020


Organizations not effectivly using data for decesion making


Project CAGR Data & Analytics market by 2028


Leverage data in the strategic decision-making process to drive revenue growth and decrease costs
Reduce the time it takes to collect and integrate multiple data sources
Improve the quality and completeness of data for better insights
Provide the ability to self-create and automate the sharing of reports, data and visualizations
Add new sources of internal and external data to the current data warehouse, data lake or other data stores
Eliminate redundancy of multiple data stores and reporting/visualization platforms
Reduce capital expenses by moving enterprise data to Microsoft Azure cloud
Comply with industry and government regulations



We specialize in understanding organizational requirements and performing detailed data discovery to identify existing and additional data needed to support our clients' strategy. We design the processes to pull in on-premises and cloud data to meet descriptive or predictive analytical needs as well as building a strong foundation for Generative AI. Our team develops and deploys data integration services to bring this data into data stores using Azure Data Factory,Fabric Data Factory or Fabric Data Engineering as well as other third-party tools. 


Data platforms need to be designed to load both structured and unstructured data in a timely and cost-effective manner into diverse platforms such as Azure SQL, Fabric OneLake, Azure Databricks and/or Snowflake. A review of business requirements, current data and analytics technology footprint(s) and existing organizational skills can inform data platform decisions as appropriate. The objective is both efficient ingestion into data storage as well as fast access based on different types of users – executive, casual, business analyst, data engineer and data scientists.

Analyze & Visualize

We help organizations gain insights into data through powerful analytics and visualizations exposing information needed to act quickly. Using Microsoft Power Automate and Power BI flows we establish triggers and thresholds to surface and improve how information is shared and acted upon within the organizationFor those organizations looking to do more advanced predictive analytics we can help you define a roadmap and build solutions utilizingAzure Databricks, Azure Machine Learning, and other Azure AI services. 

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