HR Automation and Employee On-boarding with Power Platform

The Challenge of Employee On-boarding:

On-boarding a new employee is a common process, each step in and of itself not being overly complex. The complication rests in the number of disparate systems across unique business units that’s required to facilitate the process effectively. This results in an opportunity for process failure from missed hand-offs, data transposition or inconsistency across systems for organizations that don't have a well-integrated, enterprise HRIS. Unfortunately, this challenge is left for HR to facilitate manually.

Our Approach

Rockhop takes a comprehensive approach to streamlining employee on-boarding. The workflow for on-boarding will be automated inclusive of systems interconnectivity, task hand-offs, and approvals.

Base Deliverables:

Onboarding Queue/Dashboard
Hiring Manager Intake Form
Signature Approval for 3 Documents
Azure Active Directory Updates (user and memberships)
6 Prebuilt Departmental Process Flows - IT, Payroll, Hiring Manager, HR, Benefits, and Operations
Up to 4 Employee Communications Including Day 1 Welcome

Expand Your Solution:

Automate process tasks with the pre-built connectors and actions in Power Platform.
Creating a ticket in ServiceNow
Provisioning access to expense systems
Connect to a SQL database to insert records
For systems that do not have a pre-uilt connector available, a custom solution can be built.
Robotic Process Automation with legacy apps
Insert data into a SaaS platform

The Value of HR Automation:

Automating the employee on-boarding process will reap benefits to the business from both the new hire’s perspective as well as the administrative roles involved in the process.
Save time/money from reduced administrative overhead allocated to the process
Save time/money by avoiding rework and errors
Increase employee satisfaction by simplifying a cumbersome process
Allocate internal resources to more strategic endeavors by automating tedious tasks
Increase new hire satisfaction and retention by setting the right first impression
Increase employee productivity by providing tools and time quickly

Increase in Retention Rate


Higher Employee Enguagement


Increase in Manager Satisfaction


Increase in Productivity

Power Platform HR Use Case Employee Onboarding video cover

Power Platform HR Use Case - Employee Onboarding

Follow along with one of our Power Platform experts in action as they demonstrate an HR automation use case.
Power Platform HR Use Case Demo >>

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