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March 16, 2024
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“amazing business intelligence tool which holds huge value, and now we have it, we would never want to be without”.
We helped BD Diabetes Care achieve their goals. 
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The Challenge

Chris Maguire started working at BD Diabetes Care UK & Ireland as the Marketing Manager, with the responsibility of market insights & intelligence. Part of the intelligence gathering involved buying monthly extracts of ePact data. However, this included vast amounts of data which had to be formatted in order to make it useable. For Chris, this often meant spending up to three days a month having to merge CCG’s before they could even review the data. Having worked with Rockhop previously, Chris decided to make contact knowing they would be able to suggest a more efficient way of working, going forward.
BD Diabetes Care UK & Ireland manufactures a range of insulin delivery devices with exclusive technology to improve the comfort and convenience of the injection of insulin.
Technologies Used
Power BI
“I knew that having to format the data from the extract was an inefficient use of my time, and it could be much better spent focusing on analyzing and implementing new strategies. The solution we needed would be capable of formatting the data automatically and then presenting it in a way that could be analyzed quickly and easily.”

The Solution

BD came over to Manchester to meet with Rockhop, to discuss the issues they had been experiencing and what problems they wanted the solution to solve. After two discovery sessions, Rockhop were able to understand what Chris and the rest of the team at BD wanted to achieve, both in the short and long term and could present back to them how the solution would work. The solution was designed and created in Tableau using NHS ePact data. It was then presented back to BD before implementation. After a few minor tweaks, BD had a tool that saved a significant amount of time and had eliminated the inefficiencies previously being experienced. Chris continued that the solution was “completely tailored to us” and was “far better than we had envisaged”. The tool presents CCG’s accurately and provides insights into what is happening in the sales team’s territories, what the marketing opportunity is and how people are reacting to their products. After the tool was implemented, Rockhop provided full training to BD, equipping the whole team with the ability to save a huge amount of time every month.

The Results

Chris affirmed that the solution has “massively freed up my time so I can concentrate on the wider remit of my marketing role”. He has already referred Rockhop to the Urology department within BD and would readily recommend to others. He iterated that the solution is an “amazing business intelligence tool which holds huge value, and now we have it, we would never want to be without”.
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