Rhodar Improves Quality of Output with Power BI

March 16, 2024
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"The value we have gained from the solution is far greater than we ever thought possible."
Ian Spence, Group Strategic Development Manager
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The Challenge

As part of Rhodar’s internal processes, a detailed Risk Assessment process is required for all projects they work on. This process is detailed and can be complex, so Rockhop were challenged to create a standardized and intuitive application that allows end users to quickly complete a form without any expert technical knowledge required, whilst ensuring data accuracy and accountability through each stage of the process.
Rhodar is the leading company in asbestos removal, demolition, and remediation services within the UK. Established in 1976, and employing over 500 staff across 14 facilities, Rhodar have a proven track record for delivering high-end projects Nationwide.
Technologies Used
Power BI
"Rockhop were able to turn a very manual, laborious process into something very simple and easy to use. The value we have gained from the solution is far greater than we ever thought possible."
Ian Spence, Group Strategic Development Manager

The Solution

By leveraging the Power Platform, Rockhop were able to develop an application with an intuitive user interface specially designed for the Rhodar user base. From business rules and validation to control and guide the users, through to single-point entry and automation of data across the application, the solution saved the end users significant time when completing a risk assessment and improved the quality of output dramatically. Further insights can also be gained on how many risk assessments are being completed and by which team and team member, as well as understanding where the biggest risks regularly occur, which drives future decision making when assessing projects.

The Results

The biggest benefit seen by Rhodar is the number of hours saved across the business through multiple team members, increasing efficiency, accuracy and cost saving.
Alignment of the process across the team and upskilling users means that the accuracy and consistency of the process has greatly increased. This has also benefitted the company through new staff onboarding as the process is much more intuitive and simple to understand.
Drawing this data into a cloud-based data model has also allowed for better insights and reporting, meaning greater use cases from the data have been created, which provides Rhodar with information they never used to have.
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