Proveca precisely target their market with a custom built Power BI dashboard

March 16, 2024
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“The solution Rockhop designed and deployed for us, enables us to have a full view of business performance, in an instant."
Rob Holmes, UK Country Manager
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The Challenge

Rob Holmes, UK Country Manager for Proveca, is responsible for UK sales. His team focuses on one product, which is designed to help treat patients suffering with drooling as a result of conditions affecting the nervous system. To enable the team to increase UK sales, Proveca required data insights as to market size and opportunity. Their existing solution was an off-the-shelf dashboard which was fed with NHS prescription data, but was quite basic with limited functionality. Rob used the solution to help focus the Sales team on those regions with big cities, but often questioned whether their efforts were focused in the right place. They were in need of something which allowed them to better interrogate the data, so they could make more informed decisions.
Established in 2010, Proveca is a UK-based Pharmaceutical company specializing in bringing much needed licensed medicines to children throughout Europe. Their groundbreaking medicines centre around three key therapy areas; epilepsy, cerebral palsy and heart failure.
Technologies Used
Power BI
“The solution Rockhop designed and deployed for us, enables us to have a full view of business performance, in an instant. We can quickly assess trends and drill down into specific areas of interest, which has made us so much more efficient. Most importantly though, is the fact that we now know, we’re having the right conversations, with the right people, at the right time.”
Rob Holmes, UK Country Manager

The Solution

Rockhop developed one custom dashboard with two important views; one for identifying key opportunities and the other for assessment of overall market trends. The data supplied to the dashboard is a consolidation of many large publicly-available data sets, taking only those fields that are important to Proveca. The Power BI dashboard has drill-down capabilities allowing Rob and his team to look at specific prescription data at CCG and GP practice level. In addition, the dashboard incorporates Proveca’s own commercial data, so they now have the full picture when it comes to business performance, and can forecast with pinpoint precision.

The Results

Through the creation of this custom Power BI tool, Proveca can now better understand their existing patient base, as well as being able to get a clear view on where potential opportunities are. The rich insights allow Rob and his team to be much more targeted when pulling together business plans, and make decisions far quicker than they were previously able to.
Visibility of product consumption by area means they can fully understand patient numbers, and this information means the team is able to have much more informed conversations with their consultants and prescribers. So the sales teams are more empowered and can have peace of mind in knowing they are confidently focussing their efforts in the correct areas.
Put simply, Proveca can now target with precision and have more informed conversations with their target market.
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