Power BI and Copilot

Value of Copilot within Power BI - featured image

Microsoft Copilot Security and Governance

Topics related to securing and managing Copilot instances - featured image.

Microsoft Copilot Instances

Various instances of Copilot within Power Platform, Bing and more - feature image

Microsoft Copilot: Dynamic Chaining and Plugins

Common applications of dynamic chaining and plugins for Copilot.

Microsoft Copilot: Generative Answers

MS Generative Answers - feature

Microsoft Copilot and Power Platform

Quick overview of leveraging Copilot AI within Power Platform - feature image.

Microsoft Power Platform & Copilot Studio

Rockhop Power Platform & Copilot Studio webinar - February 2, 2024

Microsoft Copilot Overview

Rockhop Microsoft Copilot Overview Webinar Cover

Power Platform ALM Accelerator

Power Platform ALM Accelerator

Power Platform COE Dashboard

Power Platform COE Dashboard